We Are Language Warriors

By Emiliano Vera

Emiliano Vera is an organizer with the Illinois Poor People’s Campaign, the University of the Poor and the UPoor Unity Across Language team, and the Western Illinois Democratic

Facing The Heat (Brooklyn Rail)

Never has a generation faced a challenge of this magnitude
Cross-posted from the Brooklyn Rail
By Peter St. Clair
In all the long duration of human history, from the ancient sacred crypts of

It’s Not Enough to Be Angry

By Willie Baptist
“History has taught…it is not enough for people to be angry—the supreme task is to organize and unite people so that their anger becomes a transforming force.” — Rev.

Fidel Castro Ruz – 1926 – 2016 

By Nacho Gonzalez
His friends and comrades – the downtrodden and those who fought for the oppressed – called him Fidel; his enemies and foes – the one per-centers, Cuban plantation

¿Que es la Universidad de los Pobres?

Del Documento Conceptual de la Universidad de los Pobres
La misión de la Universidad de los Pobres es identificar y desarrollar, de forma sistémica, líderes entregados a la unidad de los