Making the Struggle a School

“Making the struggle a school must be a conscious, active practice, because the kind of reflection and study required of revolutionaries runs contrary to the way we’ve been conditioned.”

*Special thank you to Ashley Hufnagel for the featured artwork for this issue. This poster is part of a series produced by the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival and Justseeds. Learn more here. Thank you to Jess Morrison for the portraits of our contributors and to Pat Grugan for the introduction image.

Sarah Weintraub

Sarah Weintraub draws on the experience of the Vermont Workers’ Center to describe the meaning, necessity, and challenge of making the struggle a school today.

Kenia Alcocer, Elizabeth Blaney, and Leonardo Vilchis
Union de Vecinos has led groundbreaking organizing in Los Angeles for more than two decades. This is their story.

Nijmie Zakkiyyah Dzurinko, J.E. Hubay, and Phil Wider

Leaders with Put People First! PA on how they’ve built a learning organization in Pennsylvania.
Bruce Edwards

Bruce Edwards reminds us that the ruling class also makes the struggle a school.

Karim Sariahmed and Ellen Schwartz

Karim Sariahmed and Ellen Schwartz on the need for a revived working-class intellectualism.

Dr. Adam Barnes and Minister Savina Martin
Two newly published books explore the battle for the bible and the roots of a moral movement to end poverty.
Carolyn Baker

An interview with Carolyn Baker on the founding of the General Baker Institute in Detroit.

Willie Baptist and Minister Savina Martin

A new pamphlet from Savina Martin and Willie Baptist on the strategy of the Winter Offensive of the National Union of the Homeless.

Marian Kramer and Willie Baptist

“What we want to do is get to the folks who are trying to simply get food for their children. These folks are leaders, even if they don’t know it. They blame themselves for what’s going on. Your problem is that you don’t know who the damn enemy is.”

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