Power to the Poor


The midterm elections are upon us as we release our fourth issue of the University of the Poor Journal. Independent of the results on November 8, we know the poor and dispossessed are in for a long, protracted struggle on multiple fronts ….Neither of the two major parties has put forward viable solutions to the multiple crises faced by the growing numbers of the poor and dispossessed across the country. It is incumbent upon our class, then, to build an independent political power that prioritizes the demands of the organized poor.

Thank you to Steve Pavey, Emily Farthing, and the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival for use of this cover photo and other images in this issue.


Ben Wilkins

An Interview with Ben Wilkins about the life and writing of Anne Braden and the release of his new book “Anne Braden Speaks,” a collection of her essays and letters.


Anne Braden

In 1966, Anne Braden penned this essay arguing for emboldened multiracial organizing among the poor in the South. Fifty-six years later, it is just as relevant and necessary. Republished in full here.

Nijmie Dzurinko and Rev. E. West McNeill

Njimie Dzurinko and Rev. E. West McNeill offer thoughts on how revolutionaries navigate the electoral terrain and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Photo of crowd filling the street on June 18, many holding Poor People's Campaign signs in yellow, black and white with slogans like Forward Together, Lucha Contra La Pobreza, Everybody Has the Right to Live.

Moses H.M. and Noam Sandweiss-Back

Moses H.M. and Noam Sandweiss-Back on the significance and staying power of the Mass Poor People’s and Low-Wage Workers’ Assembly and Moral March on Washington and to the Polls on June 18.

People's Party candidate nominating convention held at Columbus, Nebraska, July 15, 1890. Public Domain.

John Keller

Part two of a two-part series on historical materialism by John Keller, examining two key examples of third party organizing in U.S. history and their broader contexts.

Ashley Hufnagel

An interview with Ashley Hufnagel on what June 18 meant for the organizing of the United Workers in Maryland, as well as reflections on the Mass Assembly by Mike Hughes and Fr. Ty Hullinger.

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Ron Moose

A mini-documentary from BreakThrough News on hospital closures and rural organizing in Western Pennsylvania, with introductory comments from Ron Moose of Put People First! PA, one of the subjects of the film.

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